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Daddy's Roadies (Week 12 CFB Locks)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Daddy's currently on the road today to drive back to the Fatherland where the Bourbon is plentiful and the Colonel's fried chicken is juicier than my Week 12's CFB picks.

Unfortunately, I can't grace my thin (in numbers and likely stature) viewership with a Fat Curry signature photoshopped photo, but I can at least grace you with some locks. How do I know they're locks? Well I didn't have time to overanalyze the mental state of James Franklin or Jimbo Fisher (where it appears the synapses aren't firing for either coach).

I just reviewed the below lines as Papa Fat Curry takes the wheel, and these are speaking to me more than the McDonald's Dollar Menu. So before Jesus takes the wheel next, I encourage you all to slap the below locks in my honor.

Yours in being thankful that James Franklin isn't the head football coach of your team,

Fat Curry/Big Daddy

Week 12 CFB Predictions: Fat Curry vs. New Neighbor

Fat Curry Week 11 Record: 2-5; -5.55 units

"The Public" Week 11 Record: 4-2; 5.91 units

Cumulative Fat Curry Record: 37-48-1; -27.83 units

Cumulative "The Public" Record: 33-32-1; 18.44 units

Duke +7, +228 (Triple L), 2 units points, 1 unit ML (Won), (Loss)

Baylor +2.5, +115 (DOW), 2 units each (Won), (Loss)

Vandy +14, 1 unit (Won)

Zona +4, 1 unit (Loss)

Oregon state -7, 1 unit (Won)

NC state +4, 1 unit (Loss)

Uc -17 (LOW), 5 units (Won)

Minnesota -2.5, -140 ML, 2.5 units each (Loss)

Georgia tech +21, 1 unit (Won)

Oregon +2, 1 unit (Won)

UCLA +2, 1 unit (Loss)

Ole Miss -2, 1 unit (Loss)

Fat Curry Week 12 Record: 7-7; -0.64 units

Cumulative Fat Curry Record: 44-55-1; -28.83 units

Cumulative "The Public" Record: 33-32-1; 18.44 units

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