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Day Time Basketball? Yes Please

Conference Tournaments are here and that means day time basketball. A meeting with your boss at 1pm or sweating an A10 first round game between two teams below .500? Give me the latter everyday and twice on Sunday. I'll be back with picks throughout the week but for today here you go.

Davidson (-3.5) vs. Fordham 2U - 11:30am EST

I don't care that Fordham has the better conference record or that this is a faux home game in Brooklyn for the Rams. Remember - its 11:30am. There won't be fans. Davidson beat this Fordham team twice by double digits this year and has 4 losses by less than 3 points since the beginning of February. Give the points and enjoy a sandwich.

Davidson & UCF 1H ML Parlay (+164) 1U

See above. Add on a UCF team playing a bad bad Oklahoma State Team. Don't even worry about the second half and fix those slides for your 3pm client meeting.

Milwaukee vs. Oakland (-4.5) 1U 7:00pm EST

Take the 1 seed. Take the team who has been there before and is used to advancing to the end of March. Total is 151 so I wouldn't be worried about giving the points. I like a sprinkle on an Oakland ML, Over parlay if you're feeling spicy and adding siracha to your dinner, but coming off games in straight days I'm not making it an official play.

Miami vs. Boston College (+2.5) 1U 7:00pm EST

Two bad teams. If you're Miami you're thinking about losing as fast and possible and getting back to South Beach for spring break. Between two even teams take the 2.5 points or the moneyline. Won't matter.

St. Mary's vs. Gonzaga - Over 138.5 2U 9:00pm EST

These two teams score points. It's that simple. St. Mary's will try to slow the game down as they did in the first two matchups, but these teams like to score. Don't concern yourself with the back2back games and focus on what these teams do. Take the over, go to bed.

Build the bank roll. Get ready for some better Championship Week games later in the week. And don't forget to let your boss know you're still alive by moving the mouse a couple times to keep the teams light green.

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