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Dugganism® - The Square Phenomenon (CFB Championship Prediction & Player Props)

This weekend, I went to one of my cities finest establishments for dinner. Since this restaurant prices its meals as if it's Le Bernardin first-cousin (without the stars), I looked up their menu, photos and recent reviews well in advance to make sure that I gave myself the best chance to select their best meal. Long-story short, the Short Rib was coming up as the undisputed champ of their menu and the must-have entrée. Well when the hour of reckoning came, and the waiter asked what Daddy wanted, Daddy decided to go with the Pork Chop rather than the Short Rib and negated the hours of data that had been collected.

Now you may be asking, "Well, was it good Big Daddy? And why did you switch your dinner choice last second?" To answer your first question, the pork chop was about as mediocre as an Iowa Hawkeye Quarterback. And to answer your second question, I switched my decision at the last second because of a phenomenon that I have personally coined as "Dugganism".

Dugganism® is the belief that individuals can overanalyze an upcoming event so much that the individual will end up thinking illogically which will negate any data and rational logic that they actually have at their disposal and force themselves to make the wrong decision.

I have coined "Dugganism" after yours truly, Max Duggan, in honor of the CFB championship game tomorrow. The reason that I have selected Mr. Duggan is because his valiant year and most recent football games are clouding the judgement of Squares across America. Whether it's the Action Network (screenshot below), The Athletic or ESPN, the majority of "Analysts" are selecting TCU to cover +12.5 tomorrow for no logical reason other than TCU and Max Duggan have proven that they shouldn't be counted out.

Good thing you all follow Daddy just like the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt, because I am also going to lead you to the promised land. Just like God speaking to Moses and giving him the 10 Commandments, God has given me the Wix platform and came to me during a self-induced Pork Chop coma with a list of Locks and Props for tomorrow's game. Just know the Devil is always lurking. Sometimes he takes the form of a snake, and other times he may take the form of a Square who will urge you to take tomorrow's "David" or tell you why TCU can easily cover. Luckily, Daddy's belly is full, mind is clear and eyes are wide open.

Yours in using bible stories with the hopes that it gives me an additional edge tomorrow night,

Fat Curry / Big Daddy / Quadruple D (Double Down Disciple Daddy)

1.) Lock of the Game: Georgia -12.5, 10 units (-115). Reasoning: Do not over think this; Georgia likely isn't as good as last year's team, but they're going to boat race TCU who needed to pick 6's and an overturned TD to beat Michigan. Believe it or not, Georgia also has the better QB - Stetson is the #2 College Quarterback IMO behind Bryce Young. Get this man a statue.

2.) Under 64.5 (-115). I have parlayed the Under 64.5 with Georgia -12.5 to juice my odds to +250 at 2 units

3.) Final Score Prediction: Georgia 44, TCU 20

4.) Max Duggan Over 233.5 Passing Yards (-115), 1 unit

5.) Max Duggan Over 28.5 Rushing Yards (-115), 1 unit

6.) Kenny McIntosh Over 64.5 Rushing Yards (-115), 1 unit

7.) Kenny McIntosh Over 20.5 Receiving Yards (-115), 1 unit

8.) Quentin Johnston Over 87.5 Receiving Yards (-115), 1 unit

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