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Stop Gambling on Shitty Tuesday and Wednesday Games and Start Gambling on Shitty Saturday Games

MACtion blesses us with football on TV every day of the week. You hear a great deal of MACtion not only because of this, but because of its ability to consistently deliver unpredictable and hilarious scenery of undisciplined foobtall.

The MAC is a dead conference. Sure it has a a handful of okay teams every year with some NFL talent scattered around, but its brand of football has been funny memes for about a decade now. They are stuck at the bottom of the barrell in the FBS. If you took the top 10 teams in the FCS every year, at least half of them would beat the MAC champion.

MAC teams take huge risks on kids that have the size and/or skill but not the discipline or vise versa, but perhaps the kids are mostly just an inch too small or a half step too slow, as they are most non P5 conferences. All of their programs are stepping stones at best. The MAC takes on a huge percentage of transfers and that makes it impossible to build any culture as a program. The transfers also pose an issue because they have such low standards that they take guys with "baggage".

There's a place where I see a very similar brand of football to MACtion, and it is the afforemantioned FCS.

The FCS, for the most part, operates even more aggressively on taking risks on players and cycling in transfers. Both MAC and FCS pose high volatility for bettors for a number of reasons. Could be some nobody backup playing the game of his life, lack of media coverage, or the sheer amount of questionable retardation displayed on the field at times. However, the FCS varies greatly by conference and we've got 130 teams among 15 conferences to observe. I would equate gambling on the MAC to gambling on strictly HBCUs. Avoid. I am keen on dominant conferences like Missouri Valley and Big Sky and disciplined football in the Ivy League, Patriot League, and Pioneer League.

Personal experience and facsination with the growing competition gap in college football throughout the 21st century led me to the niche of gambling on the FCS. I consider it to be an untapped market with huge upside, from finding consistent teams to ride to diamond in the rough upsets over FBS teams.

Why should you be paying attention to the FCS?

The 2021 season saw 12 FBS teams fall to FCS teams, highlighted by #20 Washington getting punked 13-7 by Montana. I do not think 12 more upsets of that caliber are out of the question for 2022. Buckle up, I am guaranteeing at least 5 by the end of September. We could see several fall in week 1, including a very interesting matchup of South Dakota State at Iowa. I am seeing +15.5 for South Dakota State right now, and I will wait until closer to kickoff, but I am all over that. Terminally ill children are not stopping the Jackrabbits from going into Kinnick and proving they should have gotten offered by Iowa.

FCS teams are more and more frequently getting in the mix and competing with FBS teams. The talent gap is shrinking by the year. I have also been theorizing that the soyvid era transfer madness threw a lot of things off-kilter for the whole landscape of college football and it has helped the FCS.

I will be logging picks and disclosing full CFB record on this blog, but may not disclose full cards before game. I will NEVER run a service and hide picks behind a paywall. Everything I got is from the gut.

I only make instinctive plays based on knowledge of the programs and what I have seen of them. I have to tune in and watch as much football as possible to get the real feel for a team. I may occasionally do more extensive research and read about them from sources but will NEVER seek outside gambling advice.

We'll call it Week 0 before I could get on my feet on here. I had Duquesne +42 at Florida State 47-7. Great way to start the FCS gambling season 1-0.

Stay tuned for Week 1 plays.

Stay Vigilant.

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