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It all started on April 30, 2022 when Jordan Stout was selected 130th overall in the NFL Draft. Being a deal guy, I had advised my boys prior to Day 3 of the NFL Draft that the "Lock of My Life" bet was Jordan Stout over 188.5. Fast-forward a few hours later and I was not only down in betting credits, but I was down on my word. Knowing that I had just witnessed the worst NFL Draft pick of all time and needed to regain the trust of my dawgs, I collected my thoughts, pulled out the Amex and purchased a Wix website where I would dedicate my life to critiquing Jordan Stout, raising money to box James Franklin for the right to take PSU to the Outback Bowl and make those whole who once trusted me.

But it doesn't just start and stop with me. There are other degenerates who are battling their bookies everyday and living adventures that will become tomorrow's fraternity fables. This platform represents a collection of stories, takes, props and locks. Some will be tragic while others may be comedic. I hope that you, the reader, can make a few bucks, gain a laughs and live vicariously through myself and the other Managing Degenerates who have contributed to this platform. 

Yours in degeneracy,

Fat Curry / Big Daddy




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