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NCAA Tournament Day 1

I love March. First days of spring. Opening Day. And March Madness.

Starting at 12, make sure you have your do not disturb turned on. Boss wants to see you? Nope - busy day ahead. Girlfriend wants to go on a walk? Can't - foots broken. Family member in the hospital? Tell the doc to keep them alive until the game ends.

Today the day we've waited all year for. The reason why we stayed up watching the WCC until late. The reason we've spend a little too much time paying attention to that weatherman Kenpom, even though we don't actually know how to read any of these analytics.

Last week ended on a bad note. Not going to hide that. We lost 3.2 units over the weekend. But all we need is one day to make that up. Lets go Baby.

Morehead St. vs. Illinois (-11.5) 3:10pm EST 1U

This game shouldn't really be close. Illinois is the far superior team. This is a theme you'll see often from me, but in March I like to take teams who have either a great backcourt or a guy who can handle the ball well and get to the rim and score. Illinois has the latter in Terrence Shannon (regardless of any criminal activity). Give the points and enjoy.

Oregon vs. South Carolina (-102) 4:00pm EST 1U

Oregon is going to be a popular upset special, but I'm not buying into them. They barely got in and needed a magical run through their conference tournament to secure it (FYI I'm also out on NC State for the same reason). This South Carolina team has been playing some really good basketball the last couple of months and I see them moving on.

NC State vs. Texas Tech (-4.5) 9:40 pm EST 1U

No writeup here. See above. NC State is no Cinderella and the fairy god mother isn't walking through that door.

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