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Go and smell the fishes

I write to you today while I sit on my throne in my apartment. Today is the 1st day of Arkansas tailgating so I have 5-minutes to get out of the lab before I am picked up to go to the Arkansas tailgating fields where I'll make Bob Huggins proud and make my BAC look like a HOF batting average.

Past two weeks have been rough, no other way to put it. But iron sharpens iron as my former JV high school coach would scream at the starters (not me surprisingly).

This week's slate just smells like either Walmart salmon or your local Phi Mu. I think I've found a lot of sleepers or lines that I will absolutely play into and give the points. This week I've constructed a handful of round robins. One is my locks, one is my 2nd tier plays, one is my boat races (teams I'll give more points and juice the odds) and one is big underdogs to win.

I ask you trust Daddy, let Daddy into your life this weekend and let him touch you(r bank account).

Yours in throwing the horns down all day,

Fat Curry / Big Daddy

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