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Sunday Press Conference (Reminder that I'm a Savant & Early Look at Week 10 Lines)

On August 27th, I blessed the internet with an in-depth look at CFB 2022-2023 season ( Within the first 400 words of that article, I made a bold prediction that Tennessee would actually win the SEC East. As a side note, I also gave 6 Heisman bets in that same article, one of which was to bet Hendon Hooker for Heisman at +6,600, 1 unit.

For those that forget, my words were the following about Tennessee:

"The media's pre-season prediction of the SEC East is that the reigning champs, Georgia "Go Dawgs" Bulldogs, will repeat for their division. Maybe if you're a Eunuch then you would think that. But they don't call me Big Daddy for nothing. The media's pre-season predictions went in the following order: Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri and Vanderbilt. However, cue ROCKY TOP cause Big Daddy's prediction goes in the following order: Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri and Vanderbilt. Yes, you see that correctly. Daddy has Tennessee ahead of Georgia in the final SEC East predictions. Why you ask? Because Tennessee is about to be the greatest show on earth this fall and their fans will throw mustard bottles and golf balls at me if I do not pick them to win it. Their worst position group last year was likely a coin flip between the O-Line and the Corners (see Jalen Tolbert's stats when he played Tennessee last year). Luckily, Tennessee returns about all production from last year. I am en fuego on Tennessee and this train is going full steam ahead until Will Anderson knocks it off the track in either week 6 or the SEC Championship."

Today's sudden Sunday press conference is courtesy of me actually knowing more than the media that get's paid to make wrong predictions. Here we are 6 days away from #1 Georgia hosting #2 Tennessee for the likely rights to the SEC East title. Proactively wanting to see what Vegas thought of this matchup, I logged into my Sportsbook to see that Tennessee is a ridiculous +8.5 point dog. This made me quickly review the other lines that are out. I now present you with 9 early lookahead lines to take now, as I truly believe all will move in favor of the team that I am recommending:

  1. Tennessee +8.5

  2. Oregon State +3.5

  3. Kentucky -2.5

  4. Syracuse +2.5

  5. Texas +0.5

  6. LSU +12.5

  7. Mississippi State -11.5

  8. Notre Dame +3.5

  9. James Madison +9.5

Yours in predicting the future SEC Champs & Heisman Winner,

Fat Curry/Big Daddy

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