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We made it to the green

Ladies. Gentleman. Dad.

Up 1.9U yesterday and up 1.14U for the week, were right where we want to be. We have another full day of basketball and for those inclined the 5th major to allow us to waste some time until the first games tip. I talked about it yesterday, but you'll continue to see the common theme of Under betting from me. They may not be sexy, but they do make money, especially this time of year. Teams are playing back2backs in unfamiliar settings and are locking in defensively to continue playing into late March. With that being said, here are todays picks.

Saint Josephs vs. Richmond (u140.5) 11:30am EST 1U

The 11:30 am tip just screams under. These kids are barely awake and Saint Joes is coming off a sloppy game yesterday. These teams played a 139 game a couple of weeks ago and I think that Richmond could pull away here to keep scoring down.

Maryland vs. Wisconsin (U132.5) 2:30pm EST 1U

You may be asking..."Baby, another under, are you sure?" To which I will say "Yes. Oh yes I am." Maryland and Wisconsin just scream sloppy basketball. They like to slow down the game with low tempos and try to win in a slug fest. I don't see these teams running much and expect it to be a race to 65.

Wake (-135) vs. Pitt 2:30pm EST 1U

Yes yes i still know how to pick sides. Wake played yesterday and easily put away a bad Notre Dame team. This is likely to be a win and in game into the NCAA tournament so expect both teams to hold nothing back. I think Wake matches up well with Pitt and should have some confidence after tromping them by 30+ in February.

Arkansas vs. South Carolina (-5.5 @ -120) 3:30pm EST 1U

This Arkansas team barely survived a bad Vanderbilt team late last night and is now being asked to play again with less than 24 hours to prepare. Look for them to keep it close in the first half, but SC should pull away late and I don't see this being much of a game come the latter parts of the second half.

Kansas St. vs. Iowa St. (u132.5) 7:00pm EST 1U

The common theme with under betting is finding teams who are coming off quick turnarounds with good defensive metrics. Iowa St. is the #2 Kenpom defensive adjusted team and Kansas St. is 19. Give me two teams who love to play defense and I'll take the under every time.

New Mexico (-102) vs. Boise St 11:30pm EST 1U

Basketball after dark. You know dad will put me to bed before this game tips, but I think New Mexico is set up well for this game. They are a very well rounded team in the top 40 for both offensive and defensive efficiency and boast the #5 tempo in the country. Meanwhile Boise has the #223 tempo so this will really be a question of who can best control the speed of the game.

Good luck, have fun, and work a nap in.

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