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Week 3 - Wit or Luck - "You're Bigger Than That Piece of Cake"

At Fat Camp, there's one sacred rule that each individual will learn about but few will follow. It's "You're bigger than that piece of cake." Whether that piece of cake is literal or subjective, the ultimate underlying meaning should stay consistent which is even though you're a big fat tub of goo, you're physically and mentally bigger than one moment. One moment does not define who you are.

This is how I feel about the past two weeks of College Football, and I hope the coaches that I have donated on behalf of feel the same way. To be clear, my picks are never wrong, they're just early. Do I regret being 400 pounds? About as much as I regret thinking Wisconsin could cover against either Buffalo or Washington State. In the moment, every second is great until you see the final result and the effects of compounding. My body may be deteriorating as quickly as my predictions during the first two weeks, but I'm confident that Big Daddy is most dangerous when backed into a pretty wide corner.

Below are my WEEK 3 Locks. Additionally, the public has picked the following games this week:

- Buffalo


- Uconn

- Arkansas

- Toledo

- Kansas

- Wake Forest



I will update ytd results after tonight's wins. I wish you all a joyous Saturday. I will personally be making Bob Huggins proud guzzling Miller Lites like they are Yoo-Hoos.

Yours in being bigger than that piece of cake,

Fat Curry / Big Daddy

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