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Wit or Luck - Week 1 CFB Predictions

The 1st beer may be the most refreshing beer, but it's never the best beer. That award belongs to the 4th(ish) beer, the beer that plateaus your BAC, makes your girlfriend aware that tonight isn't your typical Tuesday and opens up the gates of oblivion.

This is exactly how I feel about Week 0 and Week 1 when it relates to CFB predictions. Week 0 allowed us to get back in the saddle, stop the shakes and test out a few of our pre-season predictions. If Rourke for Ohio doesn't get hurt, we're coming into Week 1 with house money easily. Thanks to UCF and Utah doing what we expected, we are ahead of the "public" and onto Week 1 where we can set the tone for the remainder of the season.

I'm convinced Week 1 has a lot more opportunities than usual because a lot of lines and money are set based on last year's teams. Thanks to the pre-season research, I think there's a lot of change that has gone unnoticed which we can capitalize on. That's why I'm adding three additional games to today's slate.

Today's honorable contestant representing the "Public" hails from Columbus, Ohio. She is a 1st time contestant and a current fiance of Big Daddy's former roommate and shag squad brethren. We wish her the best as she steps into the batter's box and faces Week 1's curve balls.

For week 1 (Saturday):

BIG DADDY Week 1 Picks:

LoW: Byu -17.5 -125

DoW: South Carolina +3.5 -135; South Carolina +115

Triple L: South Alabama +7.5 -135; ML +210

Game #1: Boston College -7.5 -120

Game #2: Wisconsin -26.5 -135

Game #3: Arkansas -34.5 -120

Game #4: North Texas +6.5 -115

Game #5: Army -7.5 -115

Game #6: Toledo +10.5 -130

Over/Under Points: Texas tech @ Wyoming Over 48.5 -130

Honorable Mentions:

Indiana 1H +20.5 -145

Bowling Green +10.5 -135

South Florida +13.5 -125

Sunday: Rutgers -3.5 -135

Texas A&M -35.5 -135

Oklahoma -34.5 -135

Colorado State +12.5 -135

"Public" Week 1 Picks:

BYU -17.5

South Carolina +3.5, ML

Tulane ML

Army -7.5

North Texas +6.5

Illinois -10.5

Western Carolina +34.5

Boston college -7.5

Buffalo +26.5

Over 48.5

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