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2023 Official CFB Outlook & Predictions

They say Tom Hanks was the first to figure out where the Holy Grail is located, but last time I checked, he's never been to

I humbly present to you The Holy Grail a.k.a. Fat Curry Bets 2023 Official CFB Outlook and Predictions. After finding another excuse to not work out these thunder thighs and months of not speaking to my girlfriend, I have put together the most comprehensive document you will find on the upcoming CFB season. I assure you it's as bulletproof as Plaxico Burress' right quad.

A few quick tips when reviewing the excel sheet:

  • Predictions, Bowls, Futures: I list my entire bowl game predictions, national champion, heisman, futures, dark horses, coaches and coordinators to be hired/fired, players to watch

  • Conference predictions: I run you through every D1-FBS football team's coaches, coordinators, changes in personnel, returning production, transfer rankings, 4-year recruiting rankings, name to know (doesn't have to be the best player), game to know, lookahead letdown lock (game they are 7+ point favorite and may lose), odds, over/under wins, pre-season media prediction and my final predictions

For a copy, feel free to either download the sheet or email

Yours in College Football finally being back and James Franklin being one-year closer to being fired,

Fat Curry / Big Daddy


Download XLSX • 1.58MB

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