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There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch Unless Caleb Williams is Playing (CFB Champs & Heisman Picks)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

My econ teacher once told me there is no such thing as a free lunch, but this was before Caleb Williams decided to lose by Utah again and paint a not so nice slogan on his fingernails. As a journalist myself, I am a firm believer that the Heisman voters have a level of integrity to uphold and this means that Caleb will not be the Heisman winner. As of right now, Caleb is -1800 to win the Heisman and followed by Max Duggan at +1400, CJ Stroud at +1750 and Stetson Bennett at +4000. Why bet on one when you can take all three and simply bet on Caleb Williams to not win the Heisman. Below is my free lunch that I encourage all of you to take.

Yours in waiting for Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams to transfer again,

Big Daddy / Fat Curry


Best bet: Stetson Bennett - 10 units max bet +4000

CJ Stroud (+1750) and Max Duggan (+1400) 5 units each

(Had Hendon Hooker before year started at +6000 as my cushion)

CFB Championship Picks:

Lock of the Year ("LOW"): Troy -6.5 (-120), 7 units (Won)

Dog of the Week ("DOW"): Fresno State ML (+135), 2 units; Fresno State +3.5, 2 units (Won), (Won)

Regular Game #1: Troy vs. Coastal, Under 50.5 (-110), 3 units (Loss)

Regular Game #2: TCU ML (-115), 1.5 units (Loss)

Regular Game #3: Michigan -16.5 (-115), 1.5 units (Won)

Regular Game #4: Georgia -16.5 (-115), 1.5 units (Won)

Regular Game #5: Tulane ML (-175), 2 units (Won)

Fat Curry Week 14 Record: 6-2; 9.44 units

Cumulative Fat Curry Record: 59-72-1; -23.60 units

Cumulative "The Public" Record: 33-32-1; 18.44 units

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